Foundation - a base that serves as a support for the walls of a building, for machines and etc.
Buckle - a metal plate, buckle, clasp that serves to decorate a harness, furniture.
Golden Horde
The Golden Horde, the Ulus of Jochi is a feudal state founded in the first half of the XIII c. by Batu Khan , the son of Jochi Khan, on the territory of Khorezm and the North Caucasus. Batu in 1236-1255 conquered the regions of the Volga Bulgarians, the Polovtsian steppes, the Crimea, and Western Siberia. In the middle of the XIV century the Golden Horde was one of the largest states in Europe and Asia.
Archaeology (ancient Greek «ἀρχαῖος «ancient» + λόγος word, doctrine») - a historical discipline that studies the past of mankind on the base of the material sources.
Acenaces - a short iron sword used by the Scythians in the second half of the 1st millennium BC.
Axe - a sharp-edged tool used for chopping and splitting wood.
Fortification - a defensive structure.
Domestication - taming of wild animals.
Mealing stone
Mealing stone - a stone tool used for processing grain.
Epoch - a long period of time that has some characteristic features, differences from previous and subsequent periods.
Early Iron Age
The Early Iron Age is an epoch in the prehistory and history of mankind, characterized by the spread of iron metallurgy and the manufacture of iron tools. In different regions, the technology of iron smelting appeared at different times. The earliest known iron tools appeared in Near Asia, India and Southern Europe, where the technology was already known at the turn of the IInd and Ist millennia BC.
Monument - an architectural or sculptural сonstruction in memory or in honor of a person or event.
Burial - activity of placing a deceased person or object underground.
Horse breeding
Horse breeding - a branch of animal husbandry dealing with the breeding and use of horses.
Artifact - any human-made object, transmitting information about the past.
Mausoleum - large, sepulchral monument, typically made of stone, that is used to inter and enshrine the remains of a famous or powerful person.
Chisel - a tool for cutting metal, processing stone.
Complex (from Lat. complexio – link, connection) – a set of objects that make up a integral whole according to some parameters.
Sacred means (from Latin – sacer) - worship, proclamation of saint, dedicated to God.